About Avid Techlologies

Avid Technologies is renowned for providing sewage cleaning and waste disposal services to members of the Abuja environment in the most appropriate way. With state of the art equipment and tools, as well as well trained workers, we help in the cleaning, repairs and maintenance of your sewage and drainage system. Your homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, business areas and offices are taken care of in a way that ensures a clean and sustainable environment.

We are committed to providing reliable sewage services for residential, commercial and industrial places. Without delay, we unclog blocked sinks, tubs, washing machines, and help clean septic tanks, and evacuate the tanks that are full. Also, we help in the proper disposal of the waste in your environment so that you are not bothered with the hassle of incineration or walking into unsafe bushes. We ensure that we check your environment to know the right installations to make, repairs needed, and accurate advice and help to render viz sewage systems.


Septic Tank Evacuation

We evacuate your septic tank for a healthy septic system that flows smoothly and undetected by homeowners.

Sewage Treatment

Industrial and residential sewage treatment services aimed at enhancing sanitation and reduce the ecological impact of our towns and cities.

Waste Disposal

Our waste disposal services help you to get rid of your waste promptly while adhering to government regulatory requirements.

General Cleaning Services

We provide extensive home, office and industrial cleaning services using modern waste collection equipment for collection and disposal of specialized waste.


Avid Technologies have been our choice partners in evacuating liquid waste from our apartments. They are professional, tidy and never disappoint.

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