Our Services

  1. Septic Tank Evacuation
  2. Waste Disposal
  1. Sewage Treatment
  2. General Cleaning

At Avid Technologies, we offer a wide range of sanitation services. Our professionalism & sustained efforts have made us the exceptional in specialized cleaning and sanitation services in Nigeria and we maintain that standard with continued customer support through excellence in service delivery.

Our innovate and effective solutions coupled with our highly skilled manpower is preferred by our esteemed clients. We adhere to best practices for a better working environment.

For invasion of water from floods or bursting of pipes, we are equipped with the tools for extraction and repairs. We evacuate full septic tanks and ensure that you are not made uncomfortable by this process. Our cleaning services involve the activation of deodorizers, deep cleaners, and a complete removal of contaminants like microorganisms that exist with sewage.

Inspections, Repairs and the General cleaning of your environment are carried out by our team members who are well trained to provide for you, a clean and healthy atmosphere. We know that a hygienic environment is truly safe for you, hence arrive immediately to help clear up messes of events, spills or any damages that may have occurred in your place of abode.

With much intensity, we extensively evacuate sewage from tanks, and deal with spills so that your sight and smell are not disturbed by unpleasant sewage stray or spill. We also make necessary installation of septic tanks that are affirmed by our clients to be of great quality.